Founded by husband and wife in 2013, Azulie Yogic Life expresses a contemporary evolution of yogic consciousness. Azulie is a source for yogic teachings, art, travel, photography, design, and wellness. Through a contemporary and artistic lens we share with you the lessons and healing beauty that yoga brings to our lives. Each month we curate a selection of inspiring stories, images and videos based around a central theme. We've created a sacred space for you to come and be inspired, to contemplate, to breathe, to connect, and to embrace a contemporary yogic lifestyle. Our hopes are to share with you meaningful, poetic and artistic gems that will inspire and elevate. Deep love and gratitude to you all for being here. 






Azulie Founders
Jennifer Suvajac B.Kin, RYT, RHN  
Melding the two worlds of design and holistic health, Jenn holds the vision and sensibilities behind Azulie Yogic Life as Creative Director for the brand. Jenn's practice and schooling as curator, yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist and kinesiologist find their creative home and expression through Azulie. If you would like to book a yoga private, nutrition consultation, or would like more information on collaborations contact:: info@azulielife.com
Alexander Suvajac MLA, B.Des, Dip GD  
As a multidisciplinary designer for Azulie Yogic Life, Alex explores the yogic arts through graphics, photography, product design and architecture. Rooted in a deep awareness and acknowledgement of the power of design, Alex and Jenn work together to create offerings across a wide platform. The common thread is a shared intent to bring a sense of wellbeing and ease to the mind, body and spirit.