Feel the kundalini energy rise in a swirl with the powerful meditation - Sat Kriya. This meditation works to remove energetic blockages so that more creativity can flow into our lives. The Sat Kriya clears imbalances in the lower three chakras allowing energy to flow freely and bring forth clarity, inspiration, intuition and overall wellbeing. This meditation can shift and transform your energy in a matter of seconds.






Sit in Vajrasana with a tall neutral spine.

Interlock your fingers and extend your index fingers, pointing straight up. Women place left thumb on top of the right thumb and men place the right thumb on top of the left thumb.

Stretch your arms over head. Keep your arms straight with the upper arms hugging your ears and your shoulders down your back. 

Close your eyes and take your inner gaze up to the third eye.

Chant the mantra SAT NAM ('i am truth'). Pull the navel in towards the spine as you powerfully chant SAT and releasing the belly as you chant NAM. Repeat squeezing the navel on SAT and releasing on NAM. The breath will find a natural rhythm as you chant the mantra.

Continue for 3 minutes.

Complete the meditation by inhaling deeply, hold the breath for a few seconds as you engage mula bhanda, drawing energy up your spine to the top of your head. Exhale and feel the surge of energy flowing throughout your body. 

Lie down in Savasana and allow the energy to sink in and settle.




Image:  Azulie Yogic Life
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