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Spirit or Akasha is the fifth eternal element that is present in all things. It is the binding force that joins all other elements (air, earth, water, fire) together. By connecting to spirit we are able to strengthen our intuition, move into balance and experience universal inter-connectedness.

Symbol  circle

Colour  white

Chakra  crown

Qualities  transformation, transcendence, power, unification, joy

Crystals  apophyllite, danburite, diamond, phenacite, clear quartz




Utilizing the crystals of the spirit element, this Healing Enhancement grid brings forth purification, self-acceptance, clarity and healing light. Take some time to meditate using this healing grid for deep balance and greater connection to spirit and to self.

Create a sacred space by lighting a candle, some incense and finding a comfortable place to lie down. Assemble the healing grid by placing the crystals as below:


Diamond on the left shoulder

Clear Quartz on the right shoulder

Apophyllite on the heart chakra


Breathe in the healing qualities of the crystals and feel the healing light embody you.

The energetic actions of the specific crystals used in the Healing Enhancement grid:

Diamond   radiance, light body

Clear Quartz   amplification of one's intention, magnify energy, cleansing, healing

Apophyllite   inter dimensional awareness

Azulie | Crystal Grid

Images:  Stefan Bunte, Azulie