Azulie | Summer of Meditation 1


We will begin Day 1 of the 30 Day Meditation Challenge with a sun energy meditation to set the foundation for our challenge. As we embrace the summer season we can use the power of the sun's energy to set intentions for this new cycle. Take a moment to set an intention for your meditation practice for the next 30 days, something you would like to focus on, such as staying grounded, listening to your heart or cultivating awareness and so on. Keep your intentions close to your heart as we begin...

Find a quiet place to sit in the sun or light a candle to represent the sun's energy
Set a timer (5,10,15 mins etc.)
Relax and soften the body
Begin to focus on the breath
Notice any thoughts or feelings as they come and go, seeing them without judgement and without acting on them
Begin to feel the warmth of the sun's energy inside you, illuminating and warming you
Allow the luminous sun to soothe you, to burn away any fears or doubts and to spark and ignite your intentions
Stay connected to your breath and continue to feel and see the radiance of the warming sun inside of you..