Azulie | Meditation 2


Day 2 of the 30 day #summerofmeditation challenge is about sitting with PRESENCE.

Focus on your posture today while you are sitting. Your posture directly affects your mind and your mind directly affects your posture. Choose a comfortable seat that allows you to sit with presence and ease, either in Sukhasana easy pose / Lotus pose (pictured left), Vajrasana thunderbolt pose (pictured right), or comfortably in a chair. You can also sit on the edge of a pillow or blanket to free the hips and allow the spine to rise freely.

From your seat find groundedness to the earth from the base of the spine and rise from here, feeling your spine grow tall and long. Let the eyes gaze softly towards the heart, relax the shoulders, and soften the base of the skull and the neck. Connect to your breath and notice how the breath is full and at ease when you sit with postural awareness. Stay here connected to your body and your breath.