Azulie | Meditation 30


30 days of meditation!

Let's revel in the resonance of our month long meditation practice. The cumulation of our practice over the past 30 days has strengthened our relationship with ourselves and others, has raised our vibration, deepened our inner light, strengthened our intuition and awareness, and brought balance to our mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to continue on with your meditation practice, using the tools from this challenge to inspire and aid your practice. Use the meditation techniques that best resonate with you, whether it be breath counting, chakra meditations or mantras...find what works for you. Pick a time each day to dedicate to your practice and honour this sacred time that you have given yourself.

Thank you so much for joining in on this challenge. We are grateful for the collective energy of this meditation community and we would love to hear about your 30 day meditation experience. Feel free contact us. Sat Nam