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Explorations into the healing color of white.

TCM  :  white is the color associated with Fall according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and it brings forth confidence, intuition and purity

Kundalini  :  in Kundalini yoga it is believed that wearing all white clothing expands our auric body; wearing white can elevate our mood and raise our vibration

Color therapy  :  white represents all colors in perfect balance and harmony

Tarot  :  in tarot, the white swan represents heightened creativity and calls for solo time in order for our infinite creative power to rise

Healing  :  surrounding ourselves and others with white light brings harmony and healing to the body

Azulie | Luminous


Incorporate the healing vibration of white into your
day with these beauties:


Scolecite  crystal emanates a deep peace that can resonate through one's auric field, enhancing meditation, sleep and dreams

Nucifera  white coconut oil is magically hand made with healing essential oils and butters; this is the most nourishing balm for body, mind and spirit;  this month receive 10% off Nucifera balm with code AZULIELIFE

Kenya Hara's  book White explores simplicity and subtlety through the designer's inquiry into the essence of white 

Atmospheric  photography by Chip Hooper invites us into a meditative monochrome exploration of nature





Azulie | Luminous

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