So Purkh is a one combination of sound system; if you recite it, you can see God in any personality you choose, not what God is. So Purkh means thou is the self. It totally inlays the thou into a imaginative self in hypnotic form and the practical reality." - Yogi Bhajan SO PURKH :: 11 RECITATIONS 〰 leading up to a very exciting and surprise event next month, I will begin hosting weekly So Purkh gatherings for women to chant 11 recitations together. So Purkh has the power to heal and clear Karmic ties with men, including our fathers, ex partners, our own blockages preventing us from meeting a partner, and also helps the men currently in our lives to live up to their full potential


So Purkh is a long shabad written by Guru Ram Das  that has power to elevate your marriage, relationship, friendship, and yourself if it so happens that you run into dark and murky waters and are not sure how to come back or whether you can even get over it. It is often used to uplift men in your life and clear karma of past relationship so that you can attract your true love.




Imaan Hammam