Azulie | Spirit Seeker


We've put together three retreat destinations that offer space and time to connect to your inner self and spirit. Your soul will thank you. 



Where:  Desert Harbor

Location:  Sandia Park, New Mexico

Why we love it:  Meditative qualities of the vast desert, cultivate your inner O'Keeffe

Yoga:  Private classes or self practice

Wellness:  Create a custom spiritual retreat or embrace a self-guided retreat

Food:  Locally inspired, organic New Mexican

What to bring:  Jiva Apoha Ayurvedic Shamanistic Oils

                                                                                                                                      My Last Door, Georgia O'Keeffe

                                                                                                                                    My Last Door, Georgia O'Keeffe



Where:  Wiesergut

Location:  Hinterglemm, Austria

Why we love it:  Modern, organic, timeless healing elegance

Yoga:  Hatha and kundalini yoga classes

Wellness:  Well water healing spa

Food:  Farm to table, classic meets contemporary cuisine

What to bring:  Meditation shawl

Azulie | Spirit Seeker
Azulie | Spirit Seeker


Where:  San Giorgio Hotel

Location:  Mykonos, Greece

Why we love it:  Laid back bohemian vibes

Yoga:  Sunrise yoga

Wellness:  Ocean and hammock therapy

Food:  Local, organic Greek goodness

What to bring:  Watercolor paints (non toxic)



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