"Who knew a cleanse could be so sexy?! Jenn and Alex's SPRING MIND BODY cleanse gave me permission to wake up and be GREAT! I already had a fairly clean diet but setting an intention and aligning with Spring's purification season brought focus, clarity and feel good vibes into my body. So much so, that I decided to incorporate their program in my upcoming yoga retreat. I didn't feel like I was depriving myself, rather opening myself up to the beauty and abundance that naturally comes from Mother Earth. I truly felt happier, more connected to my Truth and everyone around me benefited from my renewed self love! With Gratitude, Erica"

"I"M FEELING AMAZING!! I'm actually continuing (the Fall Ayurveda Cleanse) even though it is suppose to be over but there were recipes that I still wanted to try. My kitchari turned out incredible. Can't thank you enough for the inspiration." 

- ERICA JAGO (Art of AttentionHawaii Yoga Teacher)


"The Azulie Life Fall Cleanse is truly about nourishing your soul. With loving guidance, mystical and magical vibe-induced wholesome recipes and an abundance of information in regards to your personal dosha, (including fun information in regards to crystals and gemstones, my personal favorite!) this Ayurvedic based cleanse not only cleanses your physical form, it truly balances your mind, lowers your blood pressure, gets you in tune with the earth’s vibrations, and clears the blocks to your catalysts for creative sparks. After only one week I could feel a permanent soft glow within, a cleaner and smoother way I was breathing; I felt kinder and softer around the edges, and I even felt amazing starting a brand new job the following week, thanks to this remarkable “shedding” process. Regular life annoyances & bad habits allayed, this cleanse not only allows you to enjoy and savor what you are putting in your body, but also allows your mind and heart to extricate anything stagnant. Fall is a time for quiet reflection, invest in yourSELF and enjoy this process of personal North Star alignment, that I will forever refer to as my personal Fall Soul Cleanse.





"The Azulie Fall Ayurveda Cleanse was just the thing I needed in my transition to the Fall season. My intention in doing the cleanse wasn't necessarily focused on my diet or the actual mode of "cleansing," but rather to shift my attention inward, regain my balance (both physically and emotionally), and add daily ayurvedic inspired practices to my life.  I never felt deprived at any stage of the cleanse, but rather it added a lot to my daily routine.   The cleanse helped me become in tune with my own internal transitions and more mindful of how the environment and the things I consume can affect me. I highly recommend this cleanse if you want to transition into fall with ease, compassion, and intention. (The recipes were delicious, which was an added benefit! I am still drinking the golden milk nightly.)"

-SUZY PARK (NYC Yoga Teacher)


"I am doing the Fall cleanse and I feel great! I have implemented the suggested routines and recipes and they have helped me feel much better in these transitional times. I typically buy a lot of these ingredients but the suggested preparation and pairing of flavours is delightful. I look forward to each meal :)  I would love to keep this up post day 7. On a side note, I love the clean and minimal design. Truly refreshing. 

Thank you & namaste!" 




"I completed the Spring Mind Body Cleanse and Winter Comfort Cleanse with ease and found I did not feel deprived, but it was an opportunity to nourish and support my body.  The recipes were delicious and satisfying– so much so that many have become a regular part of my eating habits. Being persistent with the cleanse, my body responded by having no water retention, better sleeps, some weight loss (that stays off) and just feeling healthier! The yoga sequences were easy to follow with Jenn’s visuals and the overall feeling was one of well-being.  This is a most reasonable, enjoyable approach with coaching along the way offering an accessible, healthy tune-up readily integrated into my life." 




"I really loved the Winter Cleanse. It was easy to follow, well laid out and very informative. I enjoyed trying out all the recipes and even with my fair amount of allergies, there was always something I could make. The combination of nutrition, yoga and lifestyle tips made me feel like I had a little vacation at home. Thanks Jenn & Alex."



"I signed up to do the Comfort Cleanse in February this year. As I was traveling during the planned time, I actually saved the materials and started the cleanse when I returned. In spite of this added challenge, I happily began on my chosen date. The entire process was well laid out. The pre-planning food list and meal ideas really helped, not only with the practicalities of having the right foods on hand, but also with getting me into the right mindset. The materials arrived in manageable chunks (I resisted the urge to read it all at once). I enjoyed the recipes and congee was one of my favourite things throughout the cleanse. By the end I felt good again, my body and mind were refreshed, I had more energy and I had the added benefit of a 4 pound weight loss. Yay!"