Azulie | Intuition

Intuitive Mist

Crystal healer Azalea Lee has created an intuitive flower and crystal mist to help heighten one's ability to receive psychic and intuitive messages. The blend harmonizes 11 crystals and flowers including angelica, star tulip, lotus, mugwort, california poppy, canyon dudleya, and gem elixirs of selenite, rose quartz, and three different types of hematite. This well crafted energetic formula aids in opening the psychic eye while grounding the physical body. The formula can be used to enhance dreams, meditation and help one connect  to their intuitive abilities on a daily basis. Heighten your spiritual connection here.

Azulie | Intuition


These gems stimulate the third eye, activating our seeing eye. Incorporate these stones into your meditation and energetic practice.

ULEXITE  a stone of clairvoyance, allows one to experience intuitive visions 

PHENACITE  cleanses the auric field, clarifies one's spiritual path, opens the doorway to expanded spiritual understanding

MOONSTONE  aids intuitive abilities while using divinatory tools such as tarot cards or pendulums, initiates kundalini energy and amplifies psychic awareness




Images:  Place 8 Healing, Azulie