Azulie | Dream Like


James Turrell is an innovative and inspiring artist that creates geometric light installations that transcend spatial boundaries. Turrell utilizes minimalistic approaches in line, shape and light, that enable viewers to remain in a dreamlike and meditative state. Turrell's Skyspace series involves enclosed spaces that open up to the sky through a portal in the roof allowing viewers to observe changes in light and sky formation, making for a meditative and captivating experience. Turrell's work inspires the viewer to slow down and take time to contemplate what they are observing and with this brings a shift in awareness.

Azulie | Dream Like
Azulie | Dream Like


Gathered Sky, Qing Dynasty Temple, Beijing   (video) 

Outside, Insight, Vidarkliniken Hospital Grounds, Jarna, Sweden

Open Sky and Open Field, Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Japan 

Breathing Light, LACMA, Los Angeles, California

Roden Crater, Flagstaff, Arizona


Images:  James Turrell