The cat kingdom is one of the most elegant, regal and mystical. In working with the Animal Spirit cards, we've pulled the Lion to take inspiration from and help us embody our theme of poise for this month.



Key words:  patient, self-transformation, self-mastery

Traits:  observant, precise in word and action, stealth

Message:  dedicate time for personal and spiritual growth each day. what can you do each day that will fill your cup? what can you master and what are the steps you can take to get their? commit to the most simplest action and grow from there. patient, determined action will lead to transformation. 

How to embody lion energy:  meditate daily, connect with like minds



Inspired by the message of the Lion, this meditation brings clarity to your purpose and a sense of peace and inner strength to your being. 

Sit comfortably. Root the sit bones and feel the spine rise up tall, lifting the heart and drawing the shoulders down the back. Place both hands on your belly and begin to feel the belly rise and fall with the breath. Connect to your solar plexus chakra and begin to use your exhales to release any tension from the body. Keep the breath smooth and calm.

Now, on your inhale mentally chant SA TA NA MA and then exhale mentally chanting WAHE GURU. These mantras will cleanse and feed your solar plexus chakra and bring a feeling of joy to your being and connection to your highest self. 



Images:  Peter Do (cat), Azulie
Product:  Animal Spirit Cards