Azulie | Stillness


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine our deep energy reserves, Jing, are stored in our kidneys and the kidneys are the organs associated with Winter. In order to maintain our energy levels and keep ourselves healthy and vital this Winter season, we've put together a few ways to build up our kidney jing.

YOGA:  focus on yin postures that stimulate the kidney meridian lines including sphinx, baddha konasana,  paschimottanasana, upavista konasana, viparita karani, supta virasana, supta matsyendrasanasavasana.

PRANAYAMA:  lie on your back and place a folded blanket under your kidneys. spend a few minutes breathing into your kidneys, feeling a light massage with each inhale and exhale. this breathwork will stimulate your kidneys and improve kidney jing.

WATER:  drink plenty of water to flush out the kidneys and keep them hydrated, avoid cold water as this can weaken kidney jing. drinking chaga tea is a wonderful jing tonic.

FOOD:  foods that support kidneys are often black including black beans, kombu, black lentils, black rice, black quinoa. eat warm foods to keep kidney jing strong. 

EMOTIONS:  fear is the emotion associated with the kidneys and the winter season. when the kidneys are depleted, fear emerges and can often manifest as anxiety. during this winter season, allow yourself to become very present. observe and witness any fears without judgement. when we acknowledge our fears without judgement, they can liberate us from stagnation. self acceptance and self awareness are our innate tools to overcome our fears. through this practice we can transform fear and anxiety into fruitful energy, supporting our overall balance in mind, body and spirit.

ACTION:  carve out a time each day to practice deep stillness, softness and quiet awareness to replenish yin energy. listen to your body and gift yourself time each day for self-care, reflection and peaceful quiet time. 


Image:  Noma - Tokyo