This meditation works to balance our behaviour by balancing our energy flow. A wonderful meditation to implement during times of change and transition. This meditation can help you feel more grounded, emotionally balanced, and in control during times of change.

Sit comfortably in sukhasana, cross legged pose, and place your hands, palms facing each other, at the level of your mouth. The left wrist is straight with the fingers pointing straight up. With your right hand, bend at the wrist and point your fingers down. The hands do not touch. Close your eyes looking up to the third eye point, coming to a comfortable smooth breath. Meditate for 3 minutes and after completing 3 minutes, reverse your hands so the fingers of your right hand point up and the fingers of your left hand point down. Meditate for another 3 minutes. Afterwards, release the hands to your lap and feel a sense of equanimity wash over the body. 



Image: Azulie