Books:  Yoga Sequencing by Mark Stephens, Discovering the Power of a Peaceful Mind

Sample Class Themes:  Essentialism, Architecture, Beginners Mind, Embodied Symmetry

Oracle:  Animal Spirit Cards, Art of Attention Healing Cards, Gods and Goddesses

Poetry:  Rupi Kaur, Danna Faulds, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nayyirah Waheed

Theme Words:  Imprint, Self-worth, Truth, Trust, Pas (step), Destiny

Crystal vibes:  Larimar (calming, cooling, soothing, feminine), Moonstone (mystery, intuition, insight), Black Tourmaline (purification, protection), Pink Calcite (empathy, connection to the mind of the heart)



The creative process of class planning is a unique experience for each teacher. For me, I begin with a theme or inspiration and I allow it to unfold as I move through a series of postures and sequences. I like to feel the flow of the sequence in my own body first before teaching it, so that I can really embody the class before I share it with others. This allows me to be more connected and present with my students and makes for a physically and energetically cohesive class. 

In designing my classes, I take inspiration from many forms - books, the symphony, art, ballet, life experiences, poetry and so on. Whatever the inspiration I make sure that the theme resonates with me first so that I can authentically and clearly share the teachings that spring forth from the theme - this allows the teachings to feel more real for me and become more relatable to my students. As I weave various elements into my classes, I try to keep it as cohesive and connected as possible, embracing a sense of ease and grace in the flow of asana, pranayama, meditation and words of inspiration. The more I can embody the theme and the message, the easier I can share the teachings with my students without having to say too much. I like the approach of less is more, allowing students to feel and arrive at their own awakenings. As a teacher my main role is to create space for these moments of inspiration and transformation to arise. 


Images:  Azulie
Cover Image:  My Dubio