Azulie | Intuition


Utilizing breath and mudra, this kundalini meditation will help you move beyond your fears and awaken your intuitive mind.

Come to a comfortable seat. Keep your elbows in by your sides and bring your forearms parallel to the floor and angled out slightly, like the angle of your legs if you are sitting cross legged. With your palms facing upward, bring the fingertips of each hand gently together into Closed Lotus Mudra. Close your eyes and focus them on your third eye point. 

Inhale deeply, exhale deeply. Hold your breath out as you mentally repeat the mantra  Saa  Taa  Naa  Maa  4 times. You will be holding your breath out for a total of 16 counts. Afterwards, inhale deeply, exhale, and begin the sequence again. Continue for 3-11 minutes. 

After the meditation, soak up any visions, insights or magic that comes your way.


Image: Azulie
Cover Image: Gerold Miller