Azulie | Intuition


Located between the eyebrows, the third eye is the point of pure awareness, where intellect meets intuition, where we connect to an infinite source of wisdom. Through the third eye we can see both physically and intuitively, opening our psychic abilities.


WORDS:  intuition, light, luminescence

COLOUR:  indigo

HERBS:  maca, ashwaganda, holy basil

ESSENTIAL OILS:  frankincense, clary sage, rosemary, sandalwood

SOUND:  om


WHEN IN BALANCE:   see clearly, perceptive, imaginative

WHEN OUT OF BALANCE:  blocked vision, headaches, nightmares

BRING INTO BALANCE:  creative visual art, meditation

PRANAYAMA:  nadi shodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) 

YOGA:  placing the third eye point on a block in childs pose

AFFIRMATION:  I am open to the wisdom within




Art:  Todd Hainline