Azulie | Fearless Movement


The energy for 2017 is a universal 1 year. In numerology, 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1
A universal 1 year means the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start. It represents a new cycle for creativity, learning and growth. Now is the time to set intentions for this new 9 year cycle - meditate on these intentions and then write them down. Explore all areas of your life including health, career, spirituality, finances and so on. Creating thoughtful intentions will help you manifest your dreams for this year and will set the tone for this new 9 year cycle we are on.


Azulie | Fearless Movement


Some words that resonate as the number 10 and breakdown to a 1; these words paint a picture for 2017:

Goddess = 10 =1
Aloha = 10 = 1
Blissful = 10 = 1
Spirit = 10 = 1
Pioneer = 10 = 1
Union = 10 = 1
Vitality = 10 = 1
Namaste = 10 = 1




As we make our way into a new cycle, it's the perfect time to act on what light's you up. Follow that spark and allow insights to unfold and fuel your creativity. Take action and start a new project, enroll in a new course, change jobs, move...whatever it is, make it happen. Now is the time. When we're vulnerable and we follow what lights us up, magic ensues. Set your goals, take conscious steps in achieving them and then allow divine timing and synchronicity to light the way. Allow yourself to be inspired this year with creative vulnerability.