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We’ve put together a few of our favourite tools for helping us live more authentically and in line with our soul’s calling.

AZULIE | soul


A movement practice that truly brings a deep sense of self-awareness.
All yoga, whatever kind, leads you to your true transcendent self.
Practice here.

When we relate to our bodies as having soul, we attend to
their beauty, their poetry and their expressiveness.
- Thomas Moore



When we sit, we find presence.
Meditation is the art of simply being.
Find a style of meditation that you love and practice daily.

How do you know what you want is flowing from your true self?
When your desires are more about being than doing or getting.
- Source of Desire



A system that helps you unlock your true potential and align you with who you are meant to be. Human design uses your astrology to determine your personal human design chart and with this chart you are able to receive insights into your true nature and tools for how to live authentically according to your human design type. Get your free chart here and find out more information on Human Design here and here.

Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct.
- Jenna Zoe



Astro-geography uses the energy of the planets and your natal chart to discover where in the world aligns with your unique astrology. This astrology system gives you a better understanding of your birth story and the planetary lines that were influencing you at birth. With this info you can then look at locations in the world to determine what planetary energies are at play and which places are best for travel, career, love, family and so on. Find your free astro-geography map here.

Planetary Energies:
sun - career, self-realization, your natural energy
moon - emotional nature, receptivity, family
mercury - communication, education, ideas
venus - love, relationships, beauty, pleasure
mars - assertive, power, action, drive
jupiter - prosperity, success, abundance
saturn - perseverance, discipline, hard work
uranus - innovation, unexpected change, being different
neptune - mystical experiences, spiritual insight, psychic nature
pluto - rebirth, regeneration, deep inner transformation


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