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Meditation is one of the best ways to awaken our intuitive awareness. The meditative mind is essentially our intuition and divine vision. The more we can be still and find space, the better we're able to experience clarity, insight and magic.



Taking a lighthearted approach to meditation, Jessica Snow has created a little meditation guidebook to inspire your practice. Jessica's intent with the book was to inspire readers to dive into a consistent meditation practice - to begin now and allow the process, the exploration and the magic to naturally unfold. Below is an excerpt from the book You Are Magic as it relates to our monthly theme of Intuition:


'the world you see around you is a mirror reflecting the world inside you. when you meditate you can activate dormant intelligence, gifts and energies and draw them up to be actualized in the outer world. within you lies an incredible, infinite treasure trove and meditation is the key that unlocks it. it's all in there, waiting for you to come and find it; to take a second to get still, turn inward and see what you can discover. you have everything you need inside you.'


We absolutely have everything we need. It's time. Let go of any excuses. Create the space. Go inside. and LISTEN.

Azulie | Intuition

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